We all love riding, the freedom and the way it makes you feel but sometimes you can't help feeling there are things you could be doing better that would make the experience even more satisfying.

The better your skills and the higher your fitness the more you can enjoy your riding at whatever level you are at.

If you don't have access to quality instruction or the time to attend a course what can you do?

You have searched YouTube but found the teaching inconsistent and not sure how it applies.

How do you learn without any feedback anyway?

We have just released the first in a series of online skills training videos. Our videos are professionally produced and follow our proven training approach. The videos fit together in the same way as our courses to follow our proven progression methods that have worked for hundreds of clients.

How do you get feedback on your riding? We have solved that one too you can now send us videos of you riding and we will edit them and comment on your riding. This allows you to get our expert feedback on the way you are riding and what you can do to improve.

Modules in MTB Fundamentals Online Training:

Body position is everything on the bike. It is an absolute essential skill to master. Regardless of your ride level, practicing the skills presented, demonstrated and discussed in this module will improve your confidence and stability on the bike on all terrains.

These videos will provide you an overview of the science behind training, theory of a phased training plan and information on how you can apply it to your own training. At the end of this module you will know how to train more efficiently.

Braking is an essential skill to master. Effective braking means you will be more in control of your riding, and increases confidence on the trails. By practicing the skills presented, demonstrated and discussed in this module, you will be able to brake safely and with more control.

Wheel lifts are an essential skill to master for the ability to flow smoothly over obstacles and through rough terrain. By following the techniques presented, demonstrated and discussed in this module you will be able to lift your front and rear wheels to ride rougher terrain smoother and with more control.

About Video Analysis & Feedback:

Sometimes when you are riding, its the best experience; your bike and body flow as one, and you have that perfect ride moment. Sometimes, it doesn't feel quite right, but you don't know why.  If you have an experienced skills instructor and coach on-hand, they should be able to pick it and help you sort it then and there. This is for those times that you don't have this skill on-hand.  All you need is a handy ride buddy with a Go-Pro or other recording device to record up to a 10min video of you riding.   We will provide recorded feedback with markup on your video, explaining exactly where you can improve and what you can do to solve any ride issues.


It's easy to get started, just click on the button of what you'd like, enter your promo code (if you have one), and your credit card details. Our site is secure. Please note there is a 2.25% credit card surcharge, and the payment will come out of your account from EzyDebit as Fitness Services.

We will email you a link to your course and details of where to send your video for analysis within 24hours of purchase.

Feel free to contact us at mic@dynamicmotivation.com.au with any queries re your purchase.

MTB Fundamentals Online Training $75

Single Detailed Video Analysis & Feedback $75

MTB Fundamentals Online and Detailed Analysis & Feedback Package $100